#49 - How to Stop Wasting Money on Google Ads


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Due to current economic uncertainty, many healthcare groups have become more cautious with their budgets and are looking for ways to reduce ineffective marketing activities. By optimizing their PPC campaigns, healthcare organizations not only eliminate unnecessary spending but also improve campaign performance.

On this episode of Ignite, our hosts, SVP of Healthcare Marketing, Lauren Leone, and SVP of Strategy and Analytics, Rich Briddock and discuss :

- Best practices for maximizing the value of PPC ads - How to offset rising conversion costs - The importance of having great landing pages and ad copy - How to find the perfect balance between the right user and the right keyword - What to do in a worst case scenario (and how to avoid it) - Common mistakes made that lead to unnecessary ad spend


6 Easy Google Ads Optimizations to Maximize Your Healthcare Budget - https://www.cardinaldigitalmarketing.com/healthcare-resources/blog/google-ads-optimizations-to-maximize-your-healthcare-budget/

How to Build Landing Pages that Improve Google Ads Performance - https://www.cardinaldigitalmarketing.com/healthcare-resources/blog/landing-pages-improve-google-ads-performance/

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