Pick of the Week #812 - King Conan #57


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Josh is keeping a seat open for Conor but in the meantime Ryan Haupt is here to talk about this week's comics, and by Crom do they talk about them!

Running Time: 01:13:37

Pick of the Week:

00:02:58 - King Conan #57


00:13:31 - Daredevil: Woman Without Fear #1

00:18:47 - Joe Hill's Rain #1

00:25:23 - Robin & Batman #3

00:36:09 - Justice League vs. The Legion of Super-Heroes #1

00:38:31 - Fantastic Four #684

00:41:42 - The Thing #3

Star Wars Corner:

00:44:47 - Star Wars #20

Patron Pick:

00:50:12 - Savage Avengers #28

Patron Thanks:

00:57:16 - Divi Vilanui

00:58:25 - Trevor Williams

Listener Mail:

01:00:10 - Blake C. from Chicago, IL wants to know if we've ever had to stop consuming certain media to preserve our mental health.

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"Little King"

Robbie Fulks

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