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Anna decided to take the IELTS exam while in lock down.

She was writing essay after essay on her own and checking her own work.

She’d write the essay, then return a few days later to self check it, however, she soon realised this wasn’t enough.

She knew she was missing grammar mistakes and had dubious vocabulary choices.

What’s the solution?

Well, she decided to invest in getting her IELTS essay evaluated.

Not only did her essays start to improve but her motivation also picked up. (Vital if you’re in lockdown).

Having a tutor guide you to a Band 8 in IELTS must be great, don’t you think? 😉

IELTS Reading and Listening

Anna said she did a mock exam after mock exam.

I hear this time after time, the best way to improve your score in this part of the exam is via practise tests.

She also immersed herself in the English language and was constantly listening to podcasts.

She even decided to give up music for a few months while preparing!

IELTS Speaking

Anna talked with herself a lot but eventually ended up getting a tutor to help her through the exam.

Having a tutor in front of you can really help you improve, you get to see their reactions to what you are saying.

She also invested in the IELTS speaking feedback service and got more guidance as to how to improve her score.

Final Result – 8

Speaking – 7

Listening – 8.5

Reading – 8.5

Writing – 7

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