The Amazing Benefits of Learning a New Language


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Learning a new language is not all about exams and stress! In this motivational podcast, we are looking at some of the enormous, exciting and unexpected wider benefits of investing your time and energy into learning and mastering a new language.

How many languages are you able to speak? Does being a polyglot, multilingual, or trilingual mean anything to you?

Here are a few definitions and statistics.

  • Polyglot – is a person who can speak several languages (less than 1% of the world population can speak 5 languages fluently)
  • Trilingual – an adjective that describes the ability to speak three languages (13% of the world population can speak three languages)
  • Monolingual – able to express yourself in just one language (40% of the world population)
  • Bilingual – able to use two languages (43% of the world population)
  • Multilingual – describes multiple languages (3% of the world population speak more than 4 languages).

Many people find the thought of learning a new language intimidating, but once you examine your motivation and evaluate the reasons for wanting to learn a new language, you’ll find it’s not that hard at all.

Keep listening to find out

  • WHY do some people learn more than one language.
  • The career benefits of learning multiple languages
  • Some of the best careers to follow as a linguist.
  • The most successful ways and learning tips to master a new language.

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