Why We’re Staying POSITIVE! Episode 7


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If you’re recovering from a toddler grocery store tantrum today, I UNDERSTAND YOU. We need to eliminate the shame around parenting in public, because it is not easy! I’m even singing the Pamela Pig Calm Down Song today, because it’s just good to let it out! AHHGHHHH! If you’re experiencing a lot of fear or pain, just know it can lead to INCREDIBLE GROWTH. You have the potential to feel and heal your pain! TRIGGER WARNING: Suicidal ideation

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Episode Breakdown:

-00:00 The shit show that is today

-1:43 The shade from my OWN SON

-4:45 Vegan food porn (it’s so good)

-7:57 Grocery store humiliation

-10:22 If you didn’t know about Pammy’s World, now ya know!

-12:00 My 3-yr-old calls smoothies “Fussies”, it sounds really wrong

-13:31 What’s with all the Mom judgment??

-20:10 Back-to-school means we have to cut our kids some slack

-21:19 I hit a BREAKING point!

-24:17 Give yourself permission to do NOTHING

-25:48 What is toxic positivity?

-26:16 TRIGGER WARNING: Suicidal ideation

-27:17 I have never connected to a religion like Buddhism before…until now


-31:31 Seeking nirvana & listening to Nirvana

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