The Ultimate Millennial Mom Dilemma Episode 5


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It's my birthday. I’m 36 now and DONE with ignoring my instincts! It's time to cut to the real issues. I’m worried about my children’s digital footprint! With a life that revolves around sharing my world online, I’ve had to figure out boundaries for myself, but more importantly for MY KIDS. There's no easy answer but Stephen and I have decided to take the posting of our kids WAY down. When you know better, you do better, right!? If I can share anything with you, please just make sure to TRUST YOUR GUT and don't be afraid to make the HARD choices! Ok??

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Episode Breakdown:

-00:00 Hello hello hello!

-1:30 I’m not a birthday person

-7:24 Traveling on my own, no kids & no Stephen for the FIRST time!

-10:50 Call the people you love & tell them. Plus, always trust your gut

-11:30 To post or not to post the kids…

-17:29 Not EVERYTHING needs to be shared online

-18:20 Mindfully posting our family

-22:00 How can we be more thoughtful & caring online?

-27:30 “You only get 5 years! And then they’re not little anymore” (or whatever that viral TikTok audio says)

-28:53 What do YOU think about all of this?

-30:40 Wish me luck AND 5 things you’re grateful for

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