How To Know If You Are In A Trauma Bond! Episode 6


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My brain feels like it’s melting sometimes! There’s SO MUCH information out there on the internet. Maybe you can relate, but I get ALL sorts of wild ideas put in my head. For example, am I in a trauma bond? Are you!? Today we’re taking an internet quiz to tell us what’s really going on in our relationships!

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Episode Breakdown:

-00:00 HELLO! Here are some WILD fun facts

-1:00 My love/hate relationship with the internet

-2:30 Are we in trauma bonds? We’re gonna take a quiz & find out

-5:05 I’m back from visiting my aunt & this is your sign to reach out to someone you love!

-8:10 My deep fear of abandonment vs. giving my husband space

-10:44 Let’s try positive visualization!

-12:01 Staying positive > spiraling

-13:11 ALL the tea is in my book…Idiots

-17:12 Highs, lows, & everything inbetween

-22:44 Remember, you can’t fix anyone!

-28:00 The communication style of my dreams…

-29:17 The results from the quiz ARE IN!!

-30:47 Not so black & white

-33:14 5 things you’re grateful for READY SET GO!

-34:04 Watch Pammy’s World on youtube to see butterflies, alligators, and days of the week

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