Successful Strategies for Teleworking Post-pandemic with Tom Spiglanin


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As we begin to see a light at the end of the pandemic shutdown tunnel, let's talk about what we learned about working from home. And also what's next.

Many companies have made bold moves, like announcing continued teleworking options for employees. But those are general announcements for the entire company. In this episode of IDIODC we wanted to talk with the community specifically about how going back to work effects the work we do and the training departments we work in.

Tom Spiglanin, author of "Everyone's Guide to Teleworking", joins us to help us talk through the future ahead. Tom is a friend, and also the only rocket scientist we know working (retired) in training & development. His perspective is unique in many ways, but for our community he has a special connection, and understanding, of the struggles we face as corporate training professionals.

Join us. And bring your stories of success and/or failure from the past 12 months and perhaps even share your plans for the future... if you have them. It's a show you don't want to miss.

Dr. Thomas Spiglanin has been helping people be more effective in the workplace for more than thirty years. As a teleworker himself, he understands how effective communication, collaboration, and interpersonal skills underpin success in a digital workplace.
Working predominantly with technical employees for over thirty years in the aerospace industry, and the last few decades in the training field, he saw first hand the value of being able to communicate complex concepts in ways that others can understand. In much the same way digital technologies enabled distanced business communication, Tom saw a steady decline in the very interpersonal skills needed to be effective using those tools.

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