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We often forget that creating a training event is only one part of the process. Just because you build it does not mean anyone in the business will hear about it, or want to engage. Some might say that if you use good enough instructional design practices that you don't need to do anything else. However, if you've spent any time at all working on large launches, or new initiatives, you know there is more to it than simply good instructional design.
Part of your program design should include a marketing and communications plan. And to do that effectively you need to understand the learning journey of the audience you intend to engage. Because, in order for them to engage you must engage with them first. And how you engage will drive if, and how, they engage with your instructional designs.
Ashley Sinclair, founder of MAAS Marketing, joins us to discuss marketing and comms strategies for your learning solutions. Ashley has built an award winning marketing company specifically focused on the Learning and Development industry.
Ashley will talk with us about some of the basics of marketing and how best to apply them to our work. You can find her fantastic ideas that she openly shares on LinkedIn. Here are a couple posts to get you thinking on this topic:

LinkedIn Post 1: Want to become a marketing MAASter?
LinkedIn Post 2: Want your learners to, uh, learn?
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