BONUS - FEED DROP - Tales of Sada Emedu.- Episode 17: The Barque - Olinwa Aora/Matthias Alaric


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If you’re about to listen to this episode, hopefully it means you’ve listened to the whole first

Season of I Love Lucifer…if not… come on, get your “I Love Lucifer on now! But, if you have

and you hoping for more, thank you!! And just know we’re on the case! Tanya and Holly

have SO much more to accomplish. But before we can dive into the unbelievably harrowing

and exciting Season Two, we are focusing on finding a production partner so we can hire a

few people to help us bring the new season to life… and so we can actually get some sleep

this time around! In the meantime, we have some great bonus episodes planned for you!

We have more great behind the scenes to share as well as some new one on one interviews

with our amazing cast.

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Today we are shining a Pod Light on Tales of Sada Emedu.- Episode 17: The Barque - Olinwa

Aora/Matthias Alaric

TOSE is a well-paced audio-drama, similar to an audio **novel** with voices

provided by the dulcet tones of the narrator and several others. The series

offers stories of characters and events from the post-apocalyptic fantasy realm of Erset La

Tari. Tales of the surviving civilization at the seat of a decayed empire. 200 years after the

‘silence of the gods’ and advent of the curses they left behind, the world continues to shrink

and the threats continue to grow. Whilst the Boundary Vanguard holds back the Wildland

blight, the city states in the ‘safe zone’ bicker and fight petty battles amongst

themselves…now numb and disinterested in the fate of their world.

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