BONUS - Talk with Renee Dalo: Business Partnership Struggles


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Today we share an episode of the Talk with Renee Dalo Podcast that we guested on, "Talk About Business Partnership Struggles With Dana & Courtney".

From Renee...

Whether you’re in a business partnership now, or considering one for your future, I know you’ve thought about (or dealt with) the business partnership struggles that come along with co-ownership. Fortunately for us all, we’re joined by experts at being the sweetest business partners around, Dana & Courtney of Hustle + Gather. They’ve been through three business and so much more together, and they’re here to spill the metaphorical beans on just how to keep the peace, regardless of what life or your business throws your way. You’ll love this triple-threat episode, friends!

About Dana & Courtney

Hustle + Gather is a training and consulting firm that is on a mission to inspire others to take big leaps, dream big dreams, and create amazing teams that grow profits and enjoyable (but productive) culture within business. They specialize in the hospitality industry and have coached and trained businesses to increase their profitability while creating a kick ass team along the way.

Over the past 15 years, Courtney & Dana have built and operated three successful businesses in the Raleigh NC area. Starting off from ordinary, they paved their way by sheer grit and tenacity splashed with some therapy and coffee along the way.

Key Takeaways

  • Working On The Partnership
  • Differences
  • Figuring Out Your Rolls
  • Handling The Hard Stuff
  • Biggest Hurdles For Partnerships
  • What Is The Vision
  • Deciding To Be In A Partnership
  • Partnership Pitfalls
  • Self-Awareness

Connect with Dana & Courtney

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