WFH Special Part 1: Work from home confessions


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In mid-May of 2021, Singapore’s government announced its return to Phase 2 Heightened Alert (P2HA), and introduced new COVID19 Safe Management Measures (SMM), forcing many of us to go back to working from home to reduce community transmission. Our Hush Podcast hosts Azura, Germaine and Hazelle, who are also colleagues at work, were additionally told to minimise contact among each other making it impossible for them to meet and putting a hold on our plans for a season 3. But work from home or not, we’re still bringing the girls back - via online this time - in this 3 part #WFH special to catch up and talk about things they do and think about during this P2HA.

In this first part of our #WFH special, the Hush girls confess to some of the out of the ordinary things they do while stuck at home, and talk about the things they do to relieve stress: from exercising, journaling, to spending way more time than they usually do online shopping.

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