Can you really stay friends with your ex? (ft. Marcus Lee)


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It’s no wonder why some say a breakup can be worse than bereavement. When someone leaves you because of death, they are gone forever, whereas, with an ex, they’re still alive when they leave. This makes it harder for those who have seen the end of their relationship grieve the loss as they are able to see and watch in pain as their exes move on without them.

But for some, a break-up isn’t necessarily the end of a relationship. Those who choose to remain as friends still spend time and grow old together. Time heals all wounds, they’ll probably say. Which do you relate to?

In this episode Hazelle, Germaine, Azura and our guest, singer-songwriter Marcus Lee, discuss reasons why you can or cannot stay friends with your ex; share their experience healing from breakups and answer why trust between partners is the most important aspect of a relationship.

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