The Midnite Hour - Episode 12 - Water


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The Midnite Hour-Episode 12 - Water

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An hour of entertainment from Huron City and The Grey Water area. Music comes from Ally Evenson and the drama is 'Journey Home'

This week's phone in is all about Bucket Lists!

"Bucket bucket bucket lists! That's right! What's on your list? That's what our listeners are apparently desperate to hear about. Maybe you've wanted to get drunk, then arrested, in every state, or maybe have a tattoo of a sturgeon on your backside. Perhaps you've always desired to play the harmonica, or learn to speak mandarin in preparation for our inevitable future."

Plus all the regulars- Tom's Top Tips, the Underwater Weather report, What's On in Huron City, and, of course, Tom's Poetry Pocket.

*The show is rated explicit for content because Tom leaks the occasional profanity. That's all.

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