Shore Leave with Tom Bobbajobski. Episode 3 - Wayne Kerr's Review of Arts


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Wayne Kerr's Review of Arts

Wayne Kerr's weekly review of the arts in the grey water area has a new co-host in Tom Bobbajobski.

Wayne is joined by local art critic Patricia Klump and with Tom they review a book of poems by local poet Courtney Taylor, an exhibition by Ron Chino, and the Barn Door's version of Dame Margaret Spatch's long running whodunit 'The Rabbit Snare'. Plus an interview with Hebdon Alexander who is on to talk about the final film in his award winning Lilac trilogy. and a round up of all the arts and culture in the Grey Water Area with Hillary Capillary.

Expect nothing to go well, as Tom's Shore Leave has everyone wishing he'd remained on his little grey ship.

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