Raccoon Man-Episode 2-The Twilight Shift


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Raccoon Man
Episode 2-The Twilight Shift

Detective Harry Stewart is still convinced that Michael Kauffman is involved in the deaths at Trapper Hanson's Mansion, and when Kauffman offers Harry an olive branch, Harry suspects it is just to keep him off Kauffman's back. Harry's Boss Chief Tucker warns Harry about being stuck in the past.

When Harry hears from a police informant, and, Ashley Fitzpatrick about a twilight shift of illegal fur processing at Premier Pelts, his interest is piqued, especially when he learns that Kauffman owns Premiere Pelts too.

But how deeply mixed up in all of this is David Fitzpatrick? And what about Raccoon Man, a creature who Ashley believes to be real?

Listen to episode 2 of Raccoon Man, as Detective Harry Stewart digs deeper into a case he's been told to leave alone, and he also looks for answers about his sister's disappearance from thirty years ago.

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