#75: Raising an Intuitive Eater with Sumner Brooks


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Sumner Brooks, RD is educating and empowering parents to raise intuitive eaters, even when they’ve had a tumultuous relationship with food and their own body.

On the podcast, Sumner shares the starting point for parents raising an intuitive eater is creating a paradigm of health based on personal values and teaching children how to relate to their bodies, which includes considering all of the other ways their bodies are impacted by their choices (food isn’t the primary one, it’s just one of them).

Sumner also emphasizes that raising an intuitive eater isn’t about being a perfect parent, it’s allowing parents to heal where they are.

We also talked about how our children can be our greatest teachers around food and our body and how parents can not be happy with their own bodies, and still encourage their children to be happy with theirs.

Sumner shared that when parents are worried about their child's health and weight, it’s important to understand the significant health issues behind dieting and weight cycling.

Social media handles: @IntuitiveEatingRD @edrdpro

Sumner is the co-author of How to Raise an Intuitive Eater that is available now for preorder and comes out on January 4, 2022.

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