Hot Dog Humidor w/ Matt Peoples & John Montague


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It's a proven fact that humidors keep the freshness of leftover hot dogs at their peak. Two Handsome Idiots, Matt Peoples and John Montague, help Dan sift through Facebook Marketplace to find a potential buyer of their own Hot Dog Humidor, all while discussing multiple topics including the video of a wild best man speech and whether hot dogs are truly sandwiches.

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  • 0:00:00 Intro
  • 0:03:40 Hot Dog Humidor
  • 0:07:15 The Aldi Experience
  • 0:14:20 Creating The Listing
  • 0:22:05 Is Hoagiefest Overrated?
  • 0:27:14 Cold Pizza or Reheated?
  • 0:28:58 Rebooted Movies or Reheated Wings?
  • 0:31:07 Are Hot Dogs Sandwiches?
  • 0:34:05 Best Man Speech
  • 0:54:28 Facebook Marketplace Reactions
  • 1:05:15 The Sale

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