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In this introduction episode, Humans in Healthcare host, Nathan King, shares why Shearwater decided to launch this podcast, what the theme is, and who it’s for.

Why Did Shearwater Launch a Podcast?

Shearwater has worked with many different healthcare companies over the years and as a result, has heard countless stories of diligence, perseverance, and personal fulfillment. Sharing these stories of humans in healthcare has been meaningful for Shearwater, and we thought it was important to share these stories with others.

What is the Theme of the Podcast?

Humans in Healthcare is a podcast where we highlight stories in healthcare that impact clinical teams, connect people, and transform lives. We'll be speaking with healthcare leaders all over the world about initiatives that have impacted their organizations, their views on the industry, and what led them into their careers to begin with.

Healthcare industry trends will be a topic of conversation, but it’ll never be the sole focus. Instead, it’s more about the people and their experiences.

Who is the Podcast for?

While healthcare professionals will be particularly interested, we think many types of people will enjoy the content of these episodes. Anyone interested in personal and professional growth through insight and experience offered by our guests.

It’s also for healthcare professionals who are interested in what leaders of specific organizations are doing, how trends and healthcare are impacting them, and what key initiatives they are working on.



Humans in Healthcare is produced by Shearwater Health in Nashville, TN, and hosted by Chief Marketing Officer, Nathan King.

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