Michael Hite – Chief Transformation Officer – The Journey from EMT to Flight Paramedic to Hospital CEO & COO to Chief Transformation Officer


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In this episode, our guest is Michael Hite, Chief Transformation Officer of Pendrick Capital Partners. Hite shares his fascinating career journey that started as an EMT to a flight paramedic to leading and consulting with hospitals.
The Impact of COVID-19 on Hospital Revenue (6:38)
Because of his frequent conversations with hospital leadership teams, he’s seen the impact of COVID-19 on hospital’s operations and share 3 post-pandemic recommendations. Hite references important reimbursements provided by CMS.
The Inspiration for Becoming a Flight Paramedic (12:52)
From an early age, Hite knew he wanted to be in healthcare. He shares a traumatic incident in high school that ignited his initial desire to be an EMT and another accident in college that revealed the next step to become a flight paramedic.
How Direct Patient Care Prepared Hite to Run Hospitals (23:54)
Hite transitioned his career out of the aircraft into acute-care hospital units and earned both a MHA and MBA from the University of Maryland. Hite spent time as both a COO and CEO of hospitals and found that his direct patient care experience had a profound impact on his leadership and shares the importance of empathy.
The Eerie Night of September 11, 2001 (31:09)
On the morning of September 11, 2001, Hite was a flight paramedic for MedSTAR Transport in Washington D.C. He describes what his next 24 hours looked like after his morning started with a root canal.
Advice and the Future of Revenue in Hospitals (37:31)
Hite ends with advice to hospitals on deciding what to outsource and maintaining good payer relationships. He’s hopeful for a future with more focus on value-based care. He cites Intermountain Healthcare, Yale New Haven, and UTMB Health as organizations setting the pace for the future of healthcare delivery.
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