Dr. Morgan Wills – President & CEO – Whole-Person Approach to Healthcare, Overcoming Cultural Barriers, and the Need for Relationships in Primary Care


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In this episode, our guest is Dr. Morgan Wills, President and CEO of Siloam Health. Wills shares deeply meaningful stories and experiences around Siloam’s whole-person approach to healthcare, overcoming cultural and language barriers to provide care to Nashville’s most vulnerable populations, and the need for relationships in primary care. Listeners will love Wills’ thoughtful perspective on caring for humans and will be inspired by the work Siloam Health does.
Whole-Person Approach to Healthcare
The founders of Siloam Health had a vision to provide health care to Nashville’s most vulnerable communities that focused on the whole person, instead of just a problem to be solved or disease to be managed. Wills gives insight into how the private healthcare sector can take a more holistic approach by getting back to their roots of hospitality that engage the body, mind, and spirit.
Overcoming Cultural Barriers
Wills shares his unique journey of becoming a doctor and ultimately working at Siloam that started with a transformative experience while working in a medical mission hospital in Africa. “The best way to see your own culture is to step outside of it,” said Wills as he reflected on his change in perspective for how to care for people.
The Need for Relationships in Primary Care
This change in perspective is most visible in Wills’ beliefs on relationship-centered primary care. Wills explains that his relational faith informs his relational care, and unfortunately, relationships are usually missing in Western medicine. Having a consistent relationship with your primary care provider is declining in the U.S. But Wills shares meaningful stories that clearly show the value of a longitudinal relationship between providers and patients that make it easier to deliver effective care.
Combatting COVID-19 in a Nashville Hotspot
Siloam opened a new location in one of the hardest hit neighborhoods of Nashville by the pandemic. They played a crucial role in flattening the curve and continue to educate their patient population about the vaccine. Initiatives like their Community Health Program reveal why Siloam Health is an incredible prototype for other U.S. healthcare systems. Applying some of their unique whole-person care approaches could positively impact the care provided to the overall population.
To support the work they do, you can donate to Siloam Health by visiting their website here.

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