Using Deliberate Cold Exposure for Health and Performance | Episode 66


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I describe mechanisms by which deliberate cold exposure can enhance mental health, physical health, and performance. I detail specific protocols to safely engage in deliberate cold exposure, including minimal exposure times, time-of-day effects, determining optimal temperatures, recovery, mindset, and movement during cold exposure. I discuss how cold exposure can be used to safely stress the body to improve attention, mood, and cognitive focus and boost metabolism and reduce inflammation. Also, I explain how cold exposure on specific regions of the body (called glabrous skin surfaces) can be leveraged to enhance endurance and weight training and increase work output.

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(00:00:00) Deliberate Cold Exposure, Health Warning

(00:04:23) Tool: Moderate Exercise & Cognitive Work

(00:10:47) The Brain-Body Contract

(00:11:32) AG1 (Athletic Greens), ROKA, Helix Sleep

(00:15:37) Circadian Rhythm & Body Temperature

(00:18:41) Tool: Quickly Decrease Core Body Temperature, Glabrous Skin

(00:25:26) Mental Effects of Cold Exposure

(00:29:02) Physical Effects of Cold Exposure

(00:30:11) How Cold Should the Temperature Be?

(00:34:53) Cold Showers vs. Cold Water Immersion

(00:38:27) Protocols for Cold Exposure

(00:50:57) Optimal Mindset(s) During Cold Exposure

(00:55:26) Tool: Using Movement During Cold Exposure

(00:57:51) Optimal Frequency of Cold Exposure

(01:00:22) Cold Exposure for Dopamine, Mood & Focus

(01:12:55) Cold Exposure & Metabolism, Brown Fat

(01:25:55) Tool: Caffeine, Dopamine & Cold Exposure

(01:29:14) Tools: Increasing Metabolism w/Cold – The Søberg Principle, Shivering

(01:34:15) Norepinephrine & Fat Cells

(01:36:22) Cold, Physical Performance, Inflammation

(01:47:36) Hyperthermia & Glabrous Skin Cooling

(01:53:27) Tool: Palmar Cooling & Endurance

(02:03:18) Cold Exposure to Groin, Increasing Testosterone

(02:07:50) Tool: Optimal Timing for Daily Cold Exposure

(02:11:16) Neural Network Newsletter, Zero-Cost Support, YouTube Feedback, Spotify Reviews, Apple Reviews, Sponsors, Patreon, Thorne, Instagram, Twitter

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