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My guest in HRchat episode 488, is Simon Haigh, a negotiation expert, leadership coach, author, speaker, radio host, adjunct lecturer, and consultant. Simon says he has "been there, done it, and driven through with deeper knowledge and a strong awareness of resilience, purpose, and high-performance capabilities."

Simon helps people to avoid roadblocks, pitfalls, and mistakes to unlock their potential and create transformational change so they can optimize their growth journey, whether in business (transactional, strategic, operational excellence - program, change management and process improvement), Leadership (coaching, mentoring), Brand (strategy and valuation) or Personal (wellbeing, goal-setting, life skills and resilience).
He has also been endorsed by world no. 1 leadership thinker Marshall Goldsmith!
Questions For Simon Include:

  • How can organizations ensure growth and how do you help your clients with their growth journeys?
  • You work with leaders - what are some of the key attributes of good and/or effective leaders?
  • What stops many leaders from being great leaders?
  • How has leadership changed as a result of the pandemic?
  • What do staff expect from their leaders today?
  • Are these changes caused by the generational shift in the workplace?
  • You recently spoke at DisruptHR London. Can you tell our listeners about your session, the event, and why you got involved?

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