#319: Hiring Hourly Workers with Rich Crawford, TalentReef


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In this HRchat episode, we talk about how to make attracting and retaining hourly workers easier and more effective. Bill's guest this time is Rich Crawford, President and Chief Executive Officer at TalentReef, the cloud provider to recruit and retain the Service Industry’s Hourly workforce.
Rich holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management degree from Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia. Prior to joining TalentReef, he has excelled in executive leadership roles at market-leading companies. Most recently, Crawford was the CEO at SambaSafety where he led the SaaS company from a small regional driver risk solution provider to the leading national supplier of driver risk management solutions to enterprise customers as well as trucking, transportation, and middle-market companies.
Questions For Rich Include:

  • Recruiting, hiring, and retaining hourly workers is very different from salaried employees. Can you paint a picture of why that's the case?
  • There's currently an hourly worker shortage. Can you share why you think that's happened and what businesses that employ hourly workers can do to increase applicant flow?
  • There are some new recruiting and hiring obstacles as we come back from the pandemic – namely, applicant flow. What talent management tools or features can best help franchises struggling to boost applicant flow?
  • How to handle the oncoming tsunami of applicants as states start to drop unemployment benefits: Talk about just how big the surge of employees returning to the hourly pay workforce will be and what are the opportunities for hiring managers and HR.
  • How does automated interview scheduling create a faster time-to-hire, and reduce no-shows?
  • When it comes to communications with candidates, why is two-way communication better than something like a bot that collects information and sends it to the hiring manager?

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