Prepared for Takeoff: How an Aviation Company Reached New Heights of Efficiency With Paycom


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Guest: Kim Hancock, vice president of human resources

When you’re a state-of-the-art aviation company, streamlined and reliable processes are essential in everything you do. And when safety is absolutely critical during every part of your process, eliminating distractions and inefficiencies can have an enormous impact felt by everyone in the organization.

As the vice president of human resources for a large firm that repairs and tests commercial aircraft engines, Kim Hancock has helped her workplace achieve next-level productivity and safety increases. Due in large part to a solid HR technology strategy including employee-driven payroll, Hancock and her organization empowered employees with innovative tech that helped them stay focused on their vital work of maintaining and testing aircraft engines.

Key Takeaways

In this episode of HR Break Room®, host Morgan Beard sits down with Kim Hancock, an aerospace manufacturer’s vice president of HR, to discuss:

  • the importance of HR tech from someone with hands-on implementation experience
  • how HR tech impacts employee engagement, company efficiency and even safety
  • why corporate culture and employee experience are directly linked to the quality and effectiveness of workplace technology

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