Ask HTM - Maximizing Tuition Reimbursement, Bank Account Bonus Requirements, Using a HELOC to Pay Off a Mortgage, & More... #424


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We’re kicking off the week by answering listener questions! And if you have a question that you’d like for us to answer on the show, we’d love for you to submit your own via , send us your voice memo. Regardless of how random or bizarre you might think it is, we want to hear it!

1 - How do I get around direct deposit requirements to score a higher savings interest rate?

2 - Do y’all have credit card recommendations for a young, new credit card user?

3 - What steps should I take in order to rebuild my credit?

4 - I receive tuition reimbursement from my employer- what is the best way to maximize this benefit?

5 - Should I use a HELOC and my emergency fund to pay off my mortgage early?

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