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Like many young people, Zach Latta went to a school that didn't teach any computer classes. But that didn’t stop him from learning everything he could about them and becoming a programmer at a young age. After moving to San Francisco, Zach founded Hack Club, a nonprofit network of high school coding clubs around the world, to help other students find the education and community that he wished he had as a teenager.

This week on our podcast, we talk to Zach about the importance of student access to an open internet, why learning to code can increase equity, and how school's online security and the law often stand in the way. We’ll also discuss how computer education can help create the next generation of makers and builders that we need to solve some of society’s biggest problems.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Why schools block some harmless educational content and coding resources, from common sites like Github to “view source” functions on school-issued devices
  • How locked down digital systems in schools stop young people from learning about coding and computers, and create equity issues for students who are already marginalized
  • How coding and “hack” clubs can empower young people, help them learn self-expression, and find community
  • How pervasive school surveillance undermines trust and limits people’s ability to exercise their rights when they are older
  • How young people’s curiosity for how things work online has helped bring us some of the technology we love most

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