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Today's guest is Steven Bartlett: millionaire by 25, Sunday Times bestseller by 28, the youngest ever Dragon on Dragon's Den by 29. He's also the host of The Diary of a CEO podcast, which recently reached the number one slot on both Apple Podcasts and Spotify. And all this before his 30th birthday. Honestly, I'd have to hate him if I didn't think he was so great.
Steven joins me to talk about his first business failing, a relationship break-up, toxic masculinity, his failure to tap into his feminine side, the art of making decisions and the power of knowing when to quit.
I went on Steven's podcast last year, and it felt as though this chat was a natural companion piece to that: just two people, opening up about the stuff that counts. I'm blown away by Steven's insight, vulnerability and strength and it was such a pleasure to chat to him and learn from him.
Steven's live tour kicks off next month. It's currently sold out but to be alerted first with new tickets, visit https://thediaryofaceolive.com/
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