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TW // eating disorders and discussion of racist experiences
Oh be still my beating heart, because today's episode is with one of my favourite people on this planet! She is Andi Oliver, TV presenter extraordinaire, beloved cook and restauranteur, and my sister from another mister. On screen, you will see her presenting Great British Menu, the Sky Arts Book Club (with yours truly) and an array of acclaimed documentaries, including her most recent: The Caribbean with Andi and Miquita.
Andi came to How To Fail with a total willingness to be vulnerable. We talk about her failure to crack the music industry and the death of her beloved brother, Sean, at the age of 27. We talk about her failure, as she puts it, 'to stop berating myself for not being in a much slimmer body' which leads us into one of the most moving conversations I've ever had about the terrible cost of living with an eating disorder. We talk about her experiences of racism growing up in rural England and how she grew to love herself. And we talk about her failure to find a sustainable work-life balance.
Although we go deep, I promise there are plenty of laughs along the way. I love Andi and I just know, after listening to this, you will too.
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