142 - 6 Ways to improve your code tests


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Change log:

  • All the code notes for Docker for beginners course has been written. This is available on GitHub
  • I’ve started work on transcribing that course. This will take a long time.
  • I’ve fixed issues on howtocodewell.net regarding signup, forgotten password and other minor fixes
  • I’ve added the functionality to lock and unlock courses. This will turn them into private or public courses that require enrolment

6 ways to improve your testing

1) Automate as much as you can

  • Use CI pipelines
  • Run these locally even if your’e not committing any changes
  • Include other code auditing tools such as phpstan or phpmd

2) Statics are evil

  • There is no way to test a static method that calls another static method

3) Having many mocks is an indication of bad code design

4) Use tests to help refactor you code

  • If a unit of work cannot be easily tested then it usually means the code is not designed well
  • Break up your tests into smaller chunks
  • Tests can highlight micro and minor refactors
  • Refactor your code and then re test
  • Try and do this in a TDD fashion

5) Avoid flaky tests

  • Clean up state
  • Check for bottle necks which could cause timeouts
  • Mock external services or dependancies
  • Look into potential memory leaks

6) Re think what testing means to you

  • Testing is a contractual agreement between the programmer and the code
  • Testing is documentation - Gherkin, Acceptance Criteria, Business requirements
  • Testing is boundary setting which helps with focus
  • Testing is future proofing

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