130 - Why you NEED a side project!


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Today I am going to talk about side project in web development. Why you need one, how to stay productive and what projects to learn. Why is it good to have a side project?

  • Learn new skills in your own time at your own pace
  • Learn new technologies and techniques
  • Work without any constraints. If you don’t get it done then it doesn’t matter
  • They encourage creativity and thinking outside of the box
  • They help you keep focused on the main projects.
  • They can help with mental health by providing an escape from the ‘real’ work
  • They can be used as practice projects before working on production based code
  • Great for full stack devs how want to broaden their tool set
  • Great for getting out of comfort zone

Five ways to stay productive

  • Create a things to do list. I use GitHub projects
  • Create your own issues and PR’s with labels to help organise the different parts of the project
  • Time box the workload
  • If it starts to suck then stop. Update the task list and move on - You are in control of the pressure. So don’t worry if you don’t finish it.
  • Reduce the number of side projects you are working on at once.

Five side projects everyone can do

  • Learn how to automate backups with a cron job
  • Learn how to configure your dev machine via Ansible
  • Convert your blog into a web app/pwa/ native app
  • Start a podcast/YouTube channel that documents your learning journey
  • Rebuild your last project using a different programming language and document the comparisons

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