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Both of my parents have experienced a stroke in the past 1.5 years.

And I was not prepared. That’s why I recorded this episode of How Humans Heal – to help you be prepared in case your loved one experiences a stroke.

A stroke is when either blood clot or a bleeding blood vessel decreases blood flow to the brain. It is the 6th leading cause of death in the U.S., but a stroke doesn’t always cause death.

For those who survive a stroke, they are likely to experience decreased mobility and long-term disability, especially when over the age of 65.

The best outcomes occur when a person is able to get medical assistance quickly. And the brain CAN heal from a stroke. It is a slow process, but there are many ways we can support and facilitate that recovery.

This is exactly why I want YOU to know the common symptoms of a stroke. In this episode of HHH, I share about the symptoms my father experienced, such as choking and change in behavior, and how they differed from the symptoms my mother experienced, vertigo and nausea.

And I share about the conversations I am having with my father’s caregivers to facilitate his recovery. Plus the foods and activities I’m choosing for him.


The brain heals when we:

-Decrease inflammation

-Listen to music

-Do what we love

-Spend time with loved ones

-Decrease stimulation


More than anything, I want to emphasize that when we are most stressed, such as when taking care of a loved one, is when it is MOST important for us to take C.A.R.E. of ourselves.

Often when we get caught up in stress, we lose track of our own selfcare. And that’s how we end up burned out.

I’m here to help you to recover from burnout, and to learn to be resilient to stress, because you never know when a stress or trauma is going to come along.

We need to be prepared, recovered, and ready to respond and at the same time, keep ourselves feeling well in the process.


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