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Dr. Sue went from working for an advertising firm in Manhattan, to completely changing her life by becoming a naturopathic doctor.

At the same time, she faced her own chronic health challenges, including Lyme disease and severe migraines. It was by addressing a past trauma that completely changed her health. She finally understood why “she is the way she is” and how to support herself to heal.

If you don’t remember before the age of 7, that is a sign of an early childhood trauma. Working with a shaman, she felt supported to discover the wounds that had been hiding her past.

If we don’t know what is making us feel stuck and sick, we could be experiencing physical and emotional pain without realizing there is something we can do to change it.

Dr. Sue processed her trauma using EMDR, EFT, cranio-sacral therapy, homeopathy, flower essences, and drainage therapy. And now Dr. Sue guides her patients to recover from their chronic illness by addressing trauma. She starts by talking through their life chronologically, looking for events and experiences that happened starting from a young age.


In this episode, Dr. Sue and I also talk about how:

-There can be fear to do this work.

-We tend to turn to alcohol, food, and other substances or choices in order to avoid looking at our trauma.

-We have to feel safe to feel the feelings we haven’t felt.

-Often, with a history of trauma, gentle approaches are better, and actually essential.

-It is common to be so sensitive to even treatments that are helpful.


When looking for a therapist to help you, it is important to choose a therapist who is trained in trauma recovery. There are many forms of therapy to help get to the core of trauma. We can recover from trauma. The nervous system can heal. It’s worth putting in the time and effort to do this work.


This is such an important topic to me. In the book – Master Your Stress, Reset Your Health – I talk about the effect trauma has on our health, and how my Stress Recovery Protocol has been successful in helping me and my patients resolve trauma.

If you don’t already have the book, I recommend reading it and reaching out to me so I can guide you to get the most out of it on your path of recovering from trauma and chronic illness.



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