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What does it take to build and grow a real estate company in a short period than usual? Let's figure it out with Robert Ritzenthaler as he talks about the skills, knowledge, and experience you need to build and scale a multifamily business successfully, and the secrets to making your team's remote setup works. This is a must-listen episode for more practical multifamily advice, so dive in!

Key Takeaways to Listen for

  • 2 things that are crucial for a successful real estate deal
  • Helpful skills and knowledge you must acquire in order to start a real estate company
  • The vital role of having focus in scaling a business faster
  • Challenges of hiring people and how to overcome them
  • 2 important things to consider when hiring people
  • The ins and outs of running a remote real estate business

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

About Robert Ritzenthaler

Robert Ritzenthaler, president and CEO of REM Capital, grew up in DFW working in his father’s construction business but always dreamed of being an investment banker on Wall Street. At 13, he started investing in mutual funds and studied Warren Buffett and Ben Graham. After earning a finance degree, he moved to New York to start a career on Wall Street. After the market crash of 2000, however, Robert reconsidered his path and decided to join an NYC-based growing commercial real estate business. With finance training and construction background, it proved to be a perfect fit. After several years he later moved to Tampa to work for a large REIT, then left to do some of his own smaller projects (including a couple of development deals in Nashville), and eventually also completed an MBA and CPA.
Five years ago, Robert started REM with the simple mission of “the right deal and the right people.” Today that has grown to over $300MM AUM across eight states encompassing 22 properties. His sole focus is building REM Capital into a best-in-class vertically integrated multifamily real estate investment firm. He is humbled and honored to lead an awesome team focusing on acquiring and managing value-added multifamily properties across the country. After 20 years of being involved in real estate in various capacities, this is an exciting opportunity to use those experiences to guide investors and partners through a challenging market carefully. There are always opportunities for those who are prepared!

Robert is thankful for the mentorship he received during his career and is thankful to give back a little at this point in his career. To that end, he speaks around the country, helping fellow business owners and real estate entrepreneurs learn/grow their businesses, manage risk, minimize their taxes, and achieve their goals.

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