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If you're having trouble financing your deals and the lending terms are putting you in a bind, we'll surely cover you in this episode! Derek Dombeck joins the show to discuss the advantages of lending and how to come up with fair deals by leveraging its customized terms. Tap in as our guest today will give us another creative funding option!

Key Takeaways to Listen for

  • Ways to keep investor’s money growing and cash flowing
  • Most creative types of real estate deal structures
  • How to use an elevator pitch to engage potential investors
  • What is a lease-option structure?
  • Tips for figuring out the needs of property owners
  • The rewards of providing solution-based financing strategies for investors

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

About Derek Dombeck

As a successful investor, Derek Dombeck has surfed the ups and downs of the market since 2003. Derek’s expertise ranges from creative deal structuring, wholesaling, flipping, and land lording, to lending and investing throughout the years. He has been involved in thousands of transactions in his career; and what sets him apart is his love for people and their success.

Derek has an uncanny gift for problem-solving and negotiating; and he enjoys using his gifts and knowledge to help people out, sometimes when they have nowhere else to turn. He puts together creative solutions for sellers that few other investors can, and with his team’s support, they always deliver.

Derek co-owns a private lending company called Best REI Funding, a real estate acquisition company and hosts three national mastermind groups called REI Circle of Trust. They also run an annual advanced strategies and networking event for real estate investors called Generations of Wealth Voyage ( Derek is dedicated to giving back to his community. He founded and ran the Central Wisconsin Real Estate Investors Association and later merged with WiscoREIA, based out of Wausau Wisconsin. There he coaches and teaches other real estate investors his keys to success.

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