SA522 | An Unconventional Approach to Multifamily Real Estate Success with Dan Calonge


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Steps are laid out for the next generation to follow and replicate; this also applies to real estate investing, but few people have gotten creative with these steps. In today’s episode, Dan Calonge lays out his learning phase and how he came up with a different approach to finding multifamily success as a real estate novice. Tune in and start carving out your own way to success!

Key Takeaways to Listen for

  • The process of educating yourself in real estate investing
  • Is it ideal to go straight to multifamily?
  • Multifamily real estate vs. stock market
  • The composition of a good deal
  • How to increase property value and returns

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

About Dan Calonge

Dan is head of Learning & Development for a technology company and is based in Lexington, Kentucky. He spent 26 years working for companies such as Microsoft, Dell, and Sony including six years in Latin America.

Dan also invests in large apartment complexes and is Managing Partner of Avanza Investments. 'Avanza' means to 'move forward' in Spanish, and he is focused on helping other working professionals achieve excellent returns through multifamily real estate investing.

He is also the first of his family born in the U.S. His family fled Cuban 1960, arriving with little. They worked hard to give his family the best chance of success.

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Website: Avanza Investments
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