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The up-and-coming industry trend is building residential housing with unmatched quality and remarkable speed. Learn in this episode how Garret Moore uses technology to increase sales while overcoming hurdles and cost overruns associated with traditional housing construction.

Key Takeaways to Listen for

  • How technology helps fill the gap of construction labor shortage
  • The process of prefabrication construction
  • Sources of cost inefficiency in homebuilding
  • Role of focusing on the Amazon model in overcoming the housing deficit
  • Why there is a need to adapt technology to the homebuilding industry

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

About Garrett Moore

Garrett Moore is the founder of Agorus, America’s first scalable offsite customized construction solution. They build custom homes with unparalleled precision and unprecedented speed by leveraging advanced technology to achieve its mission of accelerating construction by 10x and are currently on target to build over 400 homes this year.

By using software-driven robotics and eliminating many of the risks and inefficiencies associated with traditional homebuilding, Agorus is radically transforming the construction industry. Investors include Kennedy Wilson (KW), Point72, Blackhorn Ventures, and Signia Ventures.

As an ex-Navy SEAL, Garrett took the lessons he learned in active duty to build a great company and revolutionize the way America is being built.

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