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Be equipped to scale your real estate business faster because we invited a marketing expert John Casmon. Today, he unlocks his top marketing strategies, tools, and advice to see the great results of strengthening your brand and creating more connections with people. So if you're looking for ideas to achieve business growth, you're always in the right show!

Key Takeaways to Listen for

  • 3 things you need to know in creating an effective business strategy
  • Why marketing is an essential component of a successful real estate business
  • The vital role of partnerships in scaling a real estate portfolio faster
  • How to create consistent branding for building connections and businesses
  • Efficient platform and tools to use for different marketing goals
  • How functional and convenient it is to have project management skills?

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

About John Casmon

John Casmon has helped families invest over $100M in multifamily apartments to create passive income, reduce their tax obligation, and foster generational wealth. John hosts the #1 rated “Multifamily Insights” podcast (formerly named Target Market Insights). As a former marketing executive, John oversaw marketing campaigns for General Motors, PepsiCo, and MillerCoors.

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