SA493 | The Edge of Evergreen Fund and Diversified Portfolio in an Inflationary Period with Keith Nelson


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Are you worried about what steps to take and how to protect your investments from a probable recession? We'll deep dive into opportunities you may not realize from the uncertainties of the real estate market as Keith Nelson talks about the strategies that make him stay confident in the business. Divert your fears into positivity as this episode highlights the right approach to the economy's current situation. Stay tuned!

Key Takeaways to Listen for

  • The right approach to the real estate market during inflation and rising interest rates
  • How an evergreen fund works for investors
  • Ways to protect your investments and business from market swings
  • The face of multifamily in today’s market
  • Advantages of industrial real estate
  • Changes in people’s perspectives about building wealth and looking at money

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

About Keith Nelson

Keith Nelson is the published author of Missed Ops. He is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dual City Investments, a successful investment real estate business specializing in commercial real estate and specialty asset classes focusing on long-term wealth building.

Keith started in commercial real estate sales, which provided him the foundation of knowledge to build a successful real estate investment company. He built Dual City Investments on fidelity and integrity, and he is always looking for areas of improvement and a desire to pivot and adapt when necessary. He architected a cohesive ecosystem of real estate divisions that provides tools and services, making transactions more efficient, which allows his company to transact where others cannot.’

Keith has the experience needed to adjust and overcome the many obstacles and challenges that occur in everyday business and life.

Connect with Keith

Website: Dual City Investments

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