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Prepare yourself to join another motivational episode as Matthew Ablakan is here to share his unique story of how he started investing in real estate! If you're a young aspiring investor, you're in the right place as he talks about the impact of early exposure to entrepreneurship and an investment strategy that led his business to success. Hit the play button 'coz this is a fun and exciting conversation!

Key Takeaways To Listen For

  • Advantages of getting yourself exposed to entrepreneurship at a young age
  • Pre-construction: How this concept works and how to make profits out of it
  • The good thing about doing business with repeat clients and referrals in real estate
  • What people don’t know about some of the successful people in real estate?
  • Why people should look at real estate as a necessity in the current market condition
  • The mentality you must have as a new investor in the business

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About Matthew Ablakan

Matthew began his adventure by trading Pokemon cards at a very young age, which started to teach him a range of skills like how to bargain and the significance of Demand and Supply. As he started high school, Matthew started selling dog tags, hair straighteners, and Jansport backpacks to his classmates. He started learning more about investing and dabbled in mutual funds on a limited basis.

In order to help pay for his tuition, Matthew worked part-time jobs as a cook, waiter, and manager of a few restaurants when he first started college. Matthew learned a lot from Chuck E. Cheese, Johnny Rockets, and Lucky Strikes about cooperation, perseverance, honesty, and openness. In those early years, Matthew started to study more about real estate. At the age of 19, he invested in his first pre-construction condo without the assistance of his immigrant parents, using a flexible deposit payment plan and a portion of a student loan.

The Millenial's Choice Group of Companies, which includes brands for real estate, mortgages, insurance, and education, was founded and is owned by Matthew. Matthew has multiple degrees, including a Bachelor's in Education, an Honorary Degree in Law and Society, a Real Estate Brokers License, a Mortgage Brokers License, and a Life Insurance Agent License, all of which will be to his client's advantage.

The success of Millenial's Choice is heavily dependent on both education and financial literacy. The track record Matthew demonstrates in his expertise, professionalism, and, most significantly, his steadfast concern for each and every one of his clients.

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