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If you're an aspiring real estate developer, you don't want to miss this episode with Bob Voelker! He joins us to share his extensive background in the business and why an in-depth understanding of this aspect is crucial for young people. So listen in as his expertise will surely shift our minds to another way of making great returns and strategies to keep firm in this field regardless of the market condition.

Key Takeaways To Listen For

  • Real estate development: Its difference from buying existing properties, profitability, returns, and risks
  • Challenges of real estate development and how to manage them
  • The critical role of an equity partner in a development business
  • Rising interest rate and its impact on different asset classes
  • Benefits of the book ‘Managing the Complexities of Real Estate Development’ for young aspiring developers
  • The importance of learning how to manage risks as a developer

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

About Bob Voelker

Bob Voelker is an experienced CPA, tax lawyer, real estate lawyer, and multifamily developer, (EB-5, New Market Tax Credits, Affordable Housing Tax Credits, Historic Tax Credits, Tax-Exempt Bonds, Tax Increment Financing, and Property Tax Exempt Leases). with knowledge of institutional lending and equity in real estate, high-rise residential buildings, the development of affordable housing, challenging urban mixed-use development projects, and innovative financing options.

Bob has been a part of StreetLights' Senior Management Team for the past five years. He has experience in high-rise and mixed-use development projects, including site analysis, financial feasibility, due diligence analysis, and financing through completion, lease-up/stabilization, and recapitalization or sale. He also has experience in company strategy and culture.

Connect with Bob Voelker

LinkedIn: Bob Voelker

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