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If you think harnessing your skills is the main thing that will bring your investing journey to success, this episode will open your eyes to more crucial components of your business' positive outcome. Join Wesley Yates as he underlines the role of picking the right partners, building the right team, and some of his ups and downs in the real estate syndication, where you'll learn a lot. Equip yourself with more knowledge and invest the right way!

Key Takeaways to Listen for

  • How life situations can change a person’s perspective on investments and life
  • The importance of knowing your skill sets, weaknesses, and strengths before investing in real estate
  • Ups and downs of raising capital and getting into your first deal
  • Why partnering with the right people and sponsors are crucial to business success
  • Things you should know when looking for the right sponsors and partners
  • The role of brokers, vendors, and lenders in getting more deals and helping more people

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

About Wesley Yates

Wesley Yates is a proud Marine Veteran with over nine years of active-duty service that brings a strategic outlook and goal-oriented mindset to the team. Wesley has mentored and trained over 2,000 individuals for leadership and development roles. He was recognized in 2013 by Congressman Ralph Hall for his outstanding character and service to his community. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from the University of Texas at Tyler.

In November of 2020, Wesley co-founded VFR Capital Investments, a multifamily syndication company that is owned and operated by a team of Veterans and First Responders. Wesley serves as the CEO and in the past 15 months has led his team in growing their portfolio from 0 to 862 units estimated at $70.2MM in assets under management.

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