SA464 | A Passive Investing Pro’s Guide to Retire Early with Andrew Schutsky


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Join us as we bring another success story through multifamily investing! This episode with Andrew Schutsky features the wealth opportunities from being a limited and general partner in the multifamily space, the power of building relationships and retiring early by investing in real estate.

Key Takeaways To Listen For

  • Best ways to discover and learn about multifamily investing
  • Things to consider before getting out of your sponsor as a limited partner and active investor
  • The importance of building connections in a general partnership aspect of real estate
  • What a good deal looks like as a general partner
  • 3 most important things to look for in a sponsor
  • Is there a better vehicle for wealth generation aside from real estate?

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

About Andrew Schutsky

Andrew is the founder of Redline Equity, LLC, a real estate syndication firm specializing in the acquisition, improvement, and management of large apartment buildings. He also has over 14 years of real estate rental experience, beginning with a “house hack” of his first home in 2007. In the multifamily investment space, Andrew is currently active as both a GP and LP and has an ownership interest in over 1100 units. He likes to move quickly and take massive action - In his first 5 months, he closed 2 deals as a GP. Andrew is also the host of the Crushing Cashflow podcast which interviews investors of all stages of their journeys to tell their stories of successes and failures. Additionally, Andrew also currently works in the technology space as a CIO (Chief information officer) for a $700MM Medical Technology business based out of Pennsylvania.

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