"Fighting for the freedom he knew technology offered..." in part 2 of our interview with Jim Walsh he reflects on Prince's 'Days of Wild' in the 1990s, his last ever show...and missing a great artist.


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1mins30s - Prince's music in the 90s, albums Jim liked, plus bootleg tapes from '93/'94 - The Beautiful Experience and stripped back versions of Come and Endorphinemachine after hours in London.

3mins15s - Emancipation was a major artistic statement, but was it a seminal work? Plus liner notes for The Gold Experience (and not getting paid for it).

5mins - "Fighting for the freedom he knew technology offered...". And Chance The Rapper winning multiple Grammys from a self-produced tape...missing Prince

6mins - Hit n Run part 1: 'A Creative Approach'.

7mins30s - Getting commissioned to write the liner notes for The Gold Experience.

9mins - A rebirth in the 90s & 'Bud Lite on guitar!' on NBA All Star weekend.

13mins - Getting up, then staying up late, to watch Prince play aftershows...

17mins - Prince & Madonna on the same stage...and still seeing some of the NPG and The Revolution around town

18mins - In admiration of Morris Hayes

19mins30s - Going back to Paisley Park...how do you feel about it?

21mins - Opinions on the music after 2002...remaining 'an avid listener'. The Current radio show in MPLS.

22mins30s - memories of the last show, a Piano & Microphone performance

24mins - When Prince passed away...an energy change in Minneapolis: writing an obit 'through the tears'

26mins30s - 'I would never write that now...' an open letter to Prince in the media

28mins - Playing with local musicians on the night Prince died

29mins30s - Jim's view on the music coming out retrospectively & Welcome 2 America

32mins30s - 'Context is everything with Prince...', so stay open

33mins30s - Favourite live show of the 1980s, and which live DVD should be released?

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