Episode 3: BrownMark shares his favourite memories of Prince, the life lessons he taught him and he recalls their final conversation inside the Paisley Park studio complex. We discuss the legacy of Prince and The Revolution, their place in history and go


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Summary: chapters and themes.


1min - Going back to a normal life and the 9-5...and why it was a good thing.

4mins30s - My favourite memories of Prince...'he was a whole different person when we played basketball...and he was such a fun person outside of the music'.

7mins - The lessons that Prince taught me, for life in general and for my career.

9mins45s - Contact with Prince in later years, and concerns.

13mins - Remembering the final conversation, over a meal at Paisley Park.

17mins - The Revolution reunions planned over the years and celebrating with fans in Minneapolis.

19mins30s - Looking to the future. BrownMark on YouTube.

22mins - A place in music history and continuing on the legacy.

26mins - Bye for now...and see you in Europe!

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