Episode 2: Mark takes us inside the Purple Rain tour, the hysteria of the hit movie, choreography onstage with The Revolution and wardrobe arguments with the boss. We also get a unique insight into the recording process of one of Prince's most famous song


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Summary, themes and chapters

1mins - Memories of First Avenue and the debut performances of Purple Rain.

5mins - Choreographing Prince & The Revolution and the changing face of the band.

8mins - Movie premieres, wardrobe disagreements, concerts and 'craziness'.

11mins - Prince and poducer bands: Mazarati; The Time; Vanity 6 and The Family.

13mins30s - 'Too much too young is not a good thing' - the pressures of stardom on tour.

18mins - The full story of how one of Prince's most famous songs was recorded.

24mins15s - Being fined for missing notes, and working for one of music's most demanding bandleaders.

27mins - Meeting the expected standards, and the parting of the ways.

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