Ep6: Marking the publication of Duane Tudahl's latest book - in part 2 we discuss Prince's incredible work ethic, and how his songs acted as gifts and even conversation starters. We look at the challenges of mid 80's superstardom, and the subsequent fall-


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Duane Tudahl has spent his career working on TV series, but also producing numerous documentaries and music videos.

He is a writer and researcher, who has contributed many articles for Uptown magazine – the key Prince fanzine – for 12 years, from 1991 to 2003.

In recent years he received praise for his books documenting Prince’s studio sessions in the 1980s, which are extensive in their research and provide an in-depth insight into the period.

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Chapters & themes

- Did Prince have any regrets from the mid 80s period? 'Prince was a control freak - he was a decider...after Purple Rain who's going to tell you what to do?'

- Duane discusses the We Are The World? recording and the aftermath of the Purple Rain tour.

- Prince goes to the beach and Duane's favourite stories - 'the ones that humanise him in some way'.

- We discuss Prince's legacy and the threat to his legacy from potential revisionist history in the future.

- The questions Duane would most liked to have asked Prince.

- Future projects - what's next for Duane?

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