40 years ago - a man who would go on to become one of the biggest stars in the world, and one of its most respected musicians, was booed off the stage having been pelted with bottles and food from the audience. Ricci Terranova was in the audience that day


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  • 2mins - 'going to concerts all the time' in my teenage years
  • 6mins - growing up in a family listening to a diverse and eclectic mix of music
  • 9mins - going to the Coliseum to see USC football games
  • 10mins30s - memories of the show and lasting impression of Prince that day. 'He blew me away...and definitely captured my imagination'.
  • 11mins - a concert that started to 'get a little scary'
  • 12mins30s - negative energy as things start being thrown onto the stage
  • 14mins - '...the way he was dressed was just too much for The Rolling Stones fans...they weren't ready for it.'
  • 16mins - lasting impressions on Prince that evening. 'So dynamic...there was a confidence and stage presence there.'
  • 18mins - Prince feeling vital again with 3rd Eye Girl and the Piano & Microphone tour.
  • 20mins - Book of Prince fan memories: The Day I Was There. Ricci recalls the Purple Rain tour in 1985 - 'wear something Purple!'
  • 25mins - Andre Cymone and the influence of Adam Ant and the New Romantics.
  • 26mins - The euphoria of the LA Forum in '85 - 'it was so inspiring, the whole visual of it.'
  • 29mins30s - The 1980s - an era of separations, divorces and broken homes...the role Purple Rain the movie played in the teenage psyche.
  • 31mins30s - 'A.U.T.O-matic' - Ricci's rock memorabilia story
  • 35mins - Furthest lengths / greatest expense to see a show...
  • 37mins30s - Feelings on posthumous releases from Prince's vault.
  • 38mins30s - any things you'd like to hear in future?
  • 40mins - Reflections on the Prince community, and what it all means ultimately. Love 4 One Another...

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