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Project Afterlife is a new American investigative documentary series that explores the experiences of those who have died and those who have performed modern day resurrections. Produced by Screaming Flea Productions, the series debuted on Destination America on August 9, 2015.

Through interviews and vivid descriptions of near death experiences, Project Afterlife highlights the exact moment that people transition from life to death. The series follows a group of men and women who, motivated by their own experiences of pulling victims back from the grave, launch an unprecedented quest to unlock the mysteries of resurrection. Investigative filmmaker Johnny Clark is joined by paramedic Jesse Birkey, ordained minister Rodger Frievalt and retired state trooper Sam Wagner as they investigate medical phenomena of two resurrection cases.

Season 1 of Project Afterlife introduces viewers to individuals who claim to have crossed over to the other side but lived to tell their experiences. A woman named Darnisha describes finding herself kneeling down in a big white room when she died. She tells her story in vivid details, complete with descriptions of others she saw on the other side. Another man shares his experience of resurrection after a massive heart attack, surrounded by nursing and medical staff. So will Project Afterlife survive the first season and resurrect for season 2? It remains to be seen. So far Destination America has made no comments about the show’s possible comeback.

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