David Oman - Sharon Tate's Haunted House


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If you recall my interview with Dr. Barry Taff, hopefully, you will remember the discussion we had about the major geological anomaly that exists just 150 feet away from the infamous Sharon Tate murders, and of course, the house that was built on it. Dr. Taff called it the crowning achievement of his career. This is that house.

The Oman House is named after David Oman, the sole human inhabitant (but not the only inhabitant). Just like in Ghostbusters, the unique construction of this house has unwittingly tapped into electromagnetic energy that acts like a reverse Faraday Cage, which allows for otherworldly presences to manifest with ease within the boundaries construct. I can say with confidence, that there is no other place like it on earth.

In this interview, we discuss the strange history of both the land the house sits on, as well as David himself. Before he built the house with his dad, he was both a P.I. and a self-proclaimed “Pit Master”. We also discuss several otherworldly occurrences that have happened within his four walls.

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